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Jayla, I have a 25 year old quarter horse and a 9 year old quarter horse. I blanket my older horse. It is a lot of work but I do it because he LOVES his blanket. If you start with a blanket you will need to ALWAYS have it on him if it is very cold because he won’t grow a winter coat where the blanket touches him. You also have to adjust it daily because it will rub the hair off. If you let it go very long it will cause sores. Also you will need a back up blanket in case it gets wet. A wet blanket is worse than no blanket at all. I live in Ward, AR so we share the same weather. A horse needs hay in the winter. They must ALWAYS have forage. (Hay or Grass) The hay takes longer to work through their system. It ferments and creates heat. I have seen my neighbors old horse shaking all over with ice all over her back. I give her hay and within 20 minutes she stops shaking and the ice melts. They don’t need grain but I feed it because I add supplements to it. Also, my horses are very easy to catch because they come up for feed twice a day. It also gives me the opportunity to give them a good once over daily in case one of them is lame or has a sore or something that I need to attend to. I have a run in shed so my horses can get out of the wind and rain. If you take good care of your horses you won’t have to call the vet for expensive emergency farm calls!!