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Hello! Tara214. I think that 4lbs is not enough for a horse to be fed. So I would consider you to feed around a gallon of feed to your horse. That is how much I feed my horses and there not over or under weight. How much hay do you feed? What feed is it your feeding?

@riding for christ – horses are fed by weight, not volume, unless you’ve done the conversion. Different feeds have different weights. The manufacturer would publish recommendations on how much you should feed based on the horse’s age, level of work, etc. You can then figure out volume based on how much weight in feed the horse needs. For example, if the feed is 1 lb per quart (to make it simple), and based on manufacturer recommendations your horse needs 4lbs of feed per day, you would serve a total of 4 quarts per day.

Keep in mind that these are guidelines, and you may need to adjust up or down based on your horses’ needs. I’d be curious to know how much a gallon of your feed weighs – unless it’s something really lightweight, a gallon of any grain seems like a lot…unless you are feeding a draft LOL!