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My gelding has arthritis in his hocks – to the point he couldn’t even go down a hill. I tried Cosequin, monthly Adequan injections, even had his hocks injected with steroids twice. Nothing really worked. By the time he had recovered from time off after the hock injection, I had about a week of riding before he was sore again. The vet recommended injecting his hocks with alcohol. I was reluctant to do it, but finally I came around. The idea behind the alcohol injections is that the alcohol accelerates fusion of the small bones in the hock and because the alcohol kills the nerve endings in the joint, there is no pain while the fusion process is going on. Well, it worked! He’s been perfectly normal ever since. I still give him Cosequin daily and Adequan monthly, because I think that if he had arthritis in his hocks, he might develop arthritis in other joints.