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Hi there’s alot you can do but weeding through all the stuff that doesn’t work can be tough to do lol. I’ve spent 40+ years learning, training and winning on barrel racing horses.

I would take her to the vet and talk with him/her about injecting or doing a series of Adequan shots. The joint fluid can get ‘dirty’ in there from years of work so it needs to be cleansed. I just spoke to my vet about my 23 year old retired rodeo horse. He flex tested her and she’s still moving good so he felt the series of 7 shots of Adequan would be best for her. They tell you to do a shot every 4 days but he said he likes to do every 7 days till he gets to the last 2. Then it’s 2 weeks.

Also you will want to avoid feeds with excess sugar or carbs like sweet feed etc. The sugar will cause the joints to hurt more. There’s lots of research on this so you may want to Google it. I avoid sugar because my joints will get inflamed.

You said she’s stocking up so you need to flush those kidneys. The kidneys can also cause arthritis and a host of other things. Go check #37 kidney support to see if she has any other symptoms listed.

Another thing I put my horses on year round because it aids in so many different things is Animal Elements foundation detox. Your horse is exposed to a wide variety of toxins from the environment, food, and drugs. The Foundation Detox is specially formulated to assist in the removal of these toxins using Zeolite (Clinoptilolite), Diatomaceous Earth, Organic Kelp, Spirulina, WHOLE Raspberry Leaf, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), Hawthorn leaf and flower, Fenugreek, Turmeric, and Hyaluronic Acid (120 mg per day).

The HA and MSM are good for the joints while the other herbs are great for a whole body wellness. I’ve seen my horses flourish in it as they use human grade therapeutic herbs. Go check out all it addresses at AnimalElement.Com (see attached pic)

Then last but not least get him a set of the Back on Track hock boots. You can put them on prior to riding to warm the joints. They use infrared ceramic fibers to warm and increase circulation. The only liniment you can use under them is sore no more. I’ve used the quick wraps (tendons), hock boots, mesh blanket etc. They work great for preventative maintenance and even for an injury. You can check them out at smartpak.

You will want to do maintenance on his hocks every time you ride and more. BoT hock boots before you ride, Sore No Mores clay poultice after a workout or ride then repeat till soreness leaves. For a regular joint supplement I use Tight Joints Plus. Tight Joint Plus works in 3 main ways to reduce inflammation, lubricate, and repair.

The equine nutritionist that formulates Tight Joints Plus has studied for many years that in order for joint supplements to work the first step is to reduce the inflammation. When the inflammation is gone the joint repairing agents can begin to do their job. The lubricating ingredients of Tight Joints Plus help the joint with just that, lubrication to prevent inflammation and cartilage damage. If you do hock injections or Adequan shots you will see dramatic improvement with all this combined. She will start to feel better and better. I get my tight joints plus from besthorsegear.Com

Attached pic of before and after on one of my horses. The Foundation Detox made a huge difference in her weight and muscle tone. Top left pic before Animal Element, top right and bottom after AE.