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The joint supplement I give my horses is Activex by Brock Animal Health. I have given it to two other older horses who were retired jumpers and extremely stiff and after the week of loading dose, they moved much better and more inclined to be active. They now just get the 1 oz per day. You can order it from them. I have a retired reiner with a plate and screws in a hind leg and I give him Previcox (1/2 pill for 2 days – load dose, then stays on 1/4 pill once a day). He has stayed sound on the previcox. This is something you will have to have your vet write a script. It is for dogs, but the equine version is really expensive. I’m finding a lot of people have their horses on it. It will blood test fine as well. My working cowhorse is on both of these for maintenance. He is 17 now and probably the oldest one out there, but he is doing great!