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Sue_charp, Thank you! 4 quarts is a gallon. If you were to feed you’re horse 4 quarts in the morning and 4 quarts at night, along with good grass mix hay, you’re horse will gain weight. If you’re horse needs to be wormed I would worm it with Zamectrin Gold, it is very effective. The feed that is really good for the horses digestive system is Total feeds.

@riding for Christ – I understand that 4 quarts is a gallon, but the point I’m trying to make is that you feed by weight, not volume. You need to know how much one of those quarts actually weighs, because 4 quarts of one feed could weigh a total of 3 pounds, while 4 quarts of another grain could weigh 5 pounds. Once you know how much 1 quart weighs, you determine how much total weight in feed your horse needs, then you can figure out how many quarts per feeding that would be. Feeding too much could cause just as many problems as not feeding enough. That much grain is working for your horses so that’s great but if I were to feed my guy 4 quarts of my grain at each feeding, I’m just asking for an overweight, foundering horse.