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I would say that you need to do LOTS of trot work and I mean lots! My horse stuck he foot through the wall and was off of jumping for a month, I had to do lots of trotting to help strengthen her leg again, also trotting is the hardest thing for a horse to do and it builds the most muscle😉! But you will have to get him to carry himself and get on the bit and moving forward from your leg. Horses get board very VERY easily so when you are doing trot work I would highly suggest do different trot exercises like figure 8s, serpantenes(look it up if you don’t know what it is), changing direction as much as possible, and maybe even trot poles and cavaleties at the trot😌I would say trot poles would be very good bc he will have to pay lots of attention and pick his feet up! The trotting will absolutely help build his hindquarters! It really helped with my mare and she has been all nice and muscular from all the trotting we do👌🏻! Hope this was helpful😉

Have a nice ride❤️