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Update on my horses. They now eat oat hay and alfalfa. No colic or founder or anything bad happened when I added oat hay to their diet.Their time now is spent in the pasture with grass during the day and stall with run at night. They still prefer their stalls than being in the pasture when it is dark. I noticed the mares attitude is terrible when fed more alfalfa than oat hay. She is an alpha female for sure. She is still great once in a halter and on a lead rope.She does grind her teeth and pin her ears back while grooming and I get close to her knee. She is very protective of her knee. The vet said her knee looks great, so she isn’t in any pain. We just don’t get along very well. She prefers my husband over me. My mouthy gelding, is so much better now. He still tries every so often to “groom ” me ,when I groom him. But I can say it has dropped from 100% of the time , down to maybe 20% of the time. He is pretty easy to read and I can usually head him off at the pass when he is going to do it.A jiggle of the lead rope and a firm “no” seems to work just fine as long as I stop him right when he tries. I have started to work him in the round pen. He loves to work! He is lazy ,loves his food and his sleep. Once I get him in the round pen he is all business. I had to make sure he was the same horse I walked in there with! He is still an obnoxious young gelding that loves to play and really want the mare to play with him (which she does just not as much as he likes) They make me laugh daily and my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. I am finally seeing them be horses and relax. They are not perfect horses and I am not perfect either. When I am not making it clear to my gelding ,he shows his frustration by sticking his tongue out the side. So I stop what I am doing and talk softly to him and stoke his head. We take that time to regroup and He relaxes and i try to figure out what I am doing that is not clear. Then we try again. It may take me a couple tries but between the 2 of us we get it figured out. He now leads with all 4 feet on the ground, No more kicking and circling around me etc.The lead rope has no pressure from me on it and he is no longer walking through the halter. We are now both relaxed while walking around the property. He is a great horse and a great teacher! Thanks everyone for your input and help!