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I have had experience with 2 geldings that seemed to have thin soles. The first horse improved when a new and more efficient farrier addressed the problem. The horse had one farrier for many years that took too much sole off. That changed when I bought him

My gelding now has been barefoot for about 1 1/2 years. It has taken a year to pull him through it, but it has been worth the effort. My situation is that he is now out on pasture almost 24/7. He can be brought up to a shed if necessary.

I use a Natural Barefoot certified hoof trimmer. She says my horse will quickly adapt to gravel when he is brought up to the barn to stay under the shed. (I was worried it was too bad on his feet)

He is still a small bit tender on some surfaces when we ride out in the fields and it is probable he always will be. But barefoot can be so much better since it is the way horses were intended to be.

If you can find a certified Barefoot hoof person to start taking care of your horses feet, that person will guide you through the process.

It is possible your horse will not be able to go shoeless. But it is also possible one must be willing to take a year to let it evolve.

Maybe this helps you some? I hope so.