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Show season is upon us again. “Grippy” is essential for me as an eventer, both for my saddle and my boots. Two proven products made in Germany and available in most every tack shop in U.S. are named “effax Leder-Combi” and “effax Leder-Balsam”. The first is a combination cleaner and deep conditioner that cleanses but leaves a grippy surface without residue unlike most oil based cleaners which seam to leave a very smooth, slippery surface kind of like facial moisturizers. The slippery shine may look lovely but I would rather be in the saddle than looking at the shine from on the ground! The second is the leather balm which can be used after cleaning if desired. It smells great and also leaves a grippier surface on boots and saddles. I apply it with my hands as the warmth from hands heats it and allows the best penetration. I absolutely agree with sizing for your arm movement while riding, not what looks correct while standing and looking in the mirror. The new lightweight, four-way stretch jacket and shirt fabrics are a huge improvement for comfort, leaving you to focus on communicating with your horse, not worrying about having to restrict your movements to avoid ripping out a seam. Have a great show season this year.