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hello, I think I may have a few ideas why she is spooking in the cross ties. First of all horses always always have a reason why they do anything. Do you use a bridle with a bit in her mouth and put it on her while she is in the crossties? If so she could be remembering the pain and torture that a bit creates. A bit believe it or not asphyxiates your horse by having a bit in your horses mouth the mouth naturally acts as though there is food in the mouth. And when a horse is eating the asphogas valve opens up and the nasal valve to breath closes as the horse swallows. So when a bit is in the mouth the tongue is naturally trying to swallow which makes the horses breathing difficult as the nasal cavity is constantly closing. You can imagine it can be quite torturous for the horse. Then in turn making the horse frightened and confused. Also the pain of the bit sitting on the horses bars in its mouth. Its a very tender spot to put a piece of metal, and horses are one step down from elephants when it comes to memory. So perhaps she is remembering the pain and associating that pain with the cross ties. Just a theory unless you use a bitless bridle. Hope that helps.