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RackingHorses<3 said, I recently bought a 13 year old TWH gelding that haven’t been messed with in over a year so before I rode him I was going to try to lung him first well when ever I lung him on the lung line or in a round pen if you get close to him with the lung whip (not even touching him!) he kicks and when I ride him you have to give him ALOT of leg so I popped him with my rein (not hard at all!) and he bucked. He is completely fine with the whip like I can rub and scratch him with it. Any ways to stop this behavior? I was told to beat it outta him and I’m not about to do that!!!!

When you lunge your horse keep his head tipped to the inside and his hind quarters to the outside while lunging him and if he tries to get his butt closer to you, massage his head back to the inside by pull and releasing his until it is tilted again. While massaging his head back towards you, put some pressure on his hind quarters to get it back away from you.
I would suggest that before you ride, to lunge him with a saddle on and to keep pushing your horse to do what you want even if he doesn’t like it and starts to act up. I hope this helps.