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We have several horses on the farm who tend toward Cushing’s and/or laminitis and can’t have a lot of grass. The horses live out 24/7. In the winter the grass is not an issue due to snow etc. They have hay feeders with hay nets 24/7 winter and summer. For the warmer months, the farm owner has created two of the pastures to be modified dry lots. There is an outer track around each that the horses always have access to, and the inner portion is fenced off with t posts and electric fence with gates at various positions so that the horses can be let into or kept out of the grass area as needed. It has been working well for several years. Grazing muzzles are not needed, the horses can have some grass, they have hay so they don’t go hungry. The hay feeders are covered and resemble vegetable stands. They can hold the large square or round bales. The skinny horses can have free access, the chubby ones have the bales in a net with square holes that require them to work at getting the hay. It doesn’t get wet or dirty, and it keeps it off the ground being pooped on or slept in.