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Good morning, had this very thing happen to my Belgian mare Sage….she’s completely food driven and we had her in the “Jenny Craig” pen, gravel bottom…she hoovers up everything, she was eating off the ground for about 3 months, 1 day she completely changed, long story short, had to rush her into surgery, 25 POUND BLOCK OF SAND in her colon…key to her success was we moved very fast and saved her…$7,000 later, and 8 years now, she’s ok, but has a humongous scar and is pretty healthy, except Cushing’s now….please, feed from a feeder and minimal on the ground, keep exercising to move things through, take a water bottle, but some manure, a small amount, 1/2 water, swish around, let it settle, look on the bottom to see the sand….hope this helps