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Stateline Tack ( has a “mesh” flysheet on sale for $42.70, and I think this material is some version of Textilene. Textilene and the white jersey material from Schneiders & State Line are the only 2 materials I have found that will hold up for more than one summer. It is from Tough-1, not usually one of my favorit blanket makers, but their T/O flysheets might be sturdier than their winter T/O’s, or perhaps I just tend to see the 600D winter T/O’s from them, which do not hold up.

I do have one 76″ Textilene T/O flysheet, but I will need to wait until the weather improves enough to take photos outdoors. This T/O flysheet has never been used, asking price $70 + shipping, but it is Textilene.

If you are interested, let me know, as otherwise I will take it to a tack sale on 16 April.