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Yes, Dreams was an untouched colt left in a pasture his whole life until I bought him and he was so full of worms I’m surprised he didn’t get sick. He was also thin, with a patchy coat and had no energy. I had a fecal count done once he was halter broke and handleable. He had 3 different infestations. In the beginning it wasn’t at all uncommon to see live worms crawling around in his feces. : /
And now that I’ve moved to Montana it may be different (I honestly hadn’t thought of that until now lol) but in southern Nevada it was so hot in the summer (frequently over 120 degrees) that sweet feed made a lot of folks’ horses colic. 2 of mine did before we switched to straight oats and never had a problem after that. Although here in the eastern part of Montana it’s about -30 every winter and 100 every summer so we can get pretty hot too. I’ll look into the dry molasses, hadn’t thought of that. Though perhaps a broad spectrum supplement to take care of the nutrients he needs? : )


I call you Far Rider, not for your races and your fine pony, but because you are one who rides far from himself, and wishes not to look home.