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My 29 year old Off the Track Thoroughbred had an abscess in his front hoof when he was 3 years old that occurred within a month after removing his shoes…. (I ride him barefoot because the soil is sandy in our area and I don’t really need shoes. I have foxhunted & evented him for 25 years.) He got a crack from the coronary band to the bottom of his hoof after the abscess at age 3 and still has it. He has never had lameness from the crack. Since he is barefoot, I keep him trimmed short so that the crack doesn’t have an opportunity of widening. So, he has been doing well with it for 22 years. When we competed in rocky, mountainous areas, I applied pine tar to the soles of his feet to avoid any soreness. I hope that you keep your horse trimmed regularly and enjoy riding your horse.