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Sorry for the delay.

Her exercise regimen was similar to what it is now as far as time. One difference was that she was ridden primarily as a western horse and we’ve added in some hunters. So she’s being asked to go forward more which is when the stiffness was noticed.

She leads over poles, walks over them, but when you get to the trot under saddle she tends to want to rush. Though this has been noted to be much improved after massage and some joint supplements.

After a couple massage sessions with some essential oils, she’s much more willing to move forward and much more cadenced in her canter. She’s also much more willing to canter off. She has a lot more energy and is much much happier. She is showing symptoms of ulcers, so we are going to treat as such. That could contribute to some of her issues and attitude at times.

Thank you for your help! Sorry for the delay in response.