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First of all, DO NOT USE A TIE DOWN or the chains or running them up to a wall until they stop.
The picture below is the wonder bit, which is the bit that i use on most of my horses. This bit aoutomatically releases the pressure to reward the horse for doing what you wanted. If you don’t want to try that is fine, your horse is used to the bit you are using.
I have been working with my horse to slide to a stop. I have learned from a trainor, that backing up alot helps. When backing the horse up you pull (pulling back to your hips) and release (put your hands foward) and while pulling and releasing, give your horse a nudge (or unless your horse is not as sensitive as mine, give your horse a harder nudge) with your heels to let your horse know that you want to back up faster and have a more quicker response. When you first start out backing up, start with walking until your horse gets the idea, then a trot and finally a lope or canter, then a run. If you keep it up, your horse will get faster and faster and eventually you can slide to a stop.
Hope this helps