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Thanks Joe-Joe. I’ve been thinking it may be another horse as well. However, we have been trying it in the evening and she has been anxious even with my daughter. She’ll walk calmly. We have the gate wide open and as soon as she gets to the opening, you can tell she’s on high alert. She’s been doing better with my daughter. She walks her in, makes her calmly turn around and gives her a treat. She has her stand while she takes off her halter and then she gets another treat. She’ll do it for my daughter but you can tell she’s on the edge. We’ve been doing that in the evenings when there are no other horses around and she’s still on edge. Hopefully she’ll continue to make progress and eventually relax. However last night, after working with the gate and letting her graze near it we took her back in. One the walk back she got upset and circled my daughter. My daughter said she thought the mare was mad because we didn’t let her loose in the field. We’ve been doing that the last few days. I don’t know about this mare.