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Haflingers are ponies in the sense that they are typically under 15 hands, but because they are so broad backed, they can easily be excellent mounts for adults. What defines an equine as a “pony” also depends on whose rules one it looking at. 4-H rules require ponies to be no bigger than 14 hands, while USEF rules allow ponies to be 14-2. The little ponies can be very hard for an adult to balance on, as there often is just not enough horse beneath the rider for the rider to stay centered & blalance. Also the rider’s leg length and possibly weight may not be compatible with what a “pony” is built to carry easily. Ponies come in such a wide range of shapes & sizes that it can be difficult to to group all “ponies” into one category and come up with a single set of rules that will work for all “ponies”.