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So great to hear all of these stories. I have always had shod horses. Shown lots on grand prix circuit. Took a few years off and recued and rehabbed a TB. Hooves were not great at keeping shoes on. People say oh my horses hooves are bad so I’m showing him??? My OTTB had great main, coat and teeth. Why not good hooves. I moved him from AZ to SC. Pulled his shoes. After 8months I did a dressage show. He was sound. We are still working on his hooves but I kept his shoes and his goods are bigger than shoes. He’s much happier. We still have work to do. He gallons in pasture and hits a root and he can feel it. Every day it’s less and less. I use keratex and Venice turpibtine. Let me know if I need other product. Internally I give him platinum performance. He never had any chips.