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I would start by looking under all the folds and flaps of the saddle. All the little nooks and crannies. It looks like a nice, well made saddle, and the silver makes me think that it is stamped by a maker somewhere. the 1979, on the latigo holder, any numbers punched there usually refers to the sizes of certain things on the saddle, or the color/oil of the saddle’s leather.
Also, look for pieces of the saddle that may have been fixed or replaced. If it has been, the maker’s mark may not be on the saddle anymore. Alot of saddle makers won’t stamp their saddles if there is a minor cosmetic flaw, then sell them cheap to retailers who usually stamp their own name on them somewhere.

Here are the most common places for ID Stamps:
Behind the cantle
On the skirt (usually between folds)
On the fenders
Under the swell (the horn)
Latigo holder

If i had to guess, I would say a vintage Circle Y. But I could be totally wrong.

If you can’t find anything, take it to a saddle maker or a western tack store. They will be able to help you a bit more. It’s hard to ID saddles over the internet without a half a million pictures of every inch of the saddle. Good luck!