Reply To: I've tried it all and my horse still itches!

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my pony was rubbing his tail out and after checking for all of the usuals, like worms etc, I put him on Omega Horseshine. Within a week I noticed him itching less and he has now all but completely stopped. I have also read interesting information about the importance of Magnesium. The Ratio of Calcium: Magnesium of 2:1 is good. If your horse doesn’t have enough Magnesium, like in the spring when the fresh grass is naturally low on it, they become hyper sensitive to stimulants and spooky. I added Magnesium to my horses diet and the spookiness stopped and my mare who was always itching her face and nose during rides has stopped that as well. They also recover faster after workout….tight back muscles can be a sign of Magnesium deficiency. But please check the Ca:Mg ratio.