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Thank you so much for all these ideas.
He has been super good lately, and he only gets rushy and tense after we canter and he wants to GOREALLYFAST.
I was able to ride him bareback in a halter, and we have been doing a lot of “fun” things like painting, I just think his brain is bored. Our outdoor is now usable, and I think that has helped him alot.
I started riding him in a three-ring elevator, not because I think I need any leverage, but this is a horse you have to half halt constantly, and I want to take some of it off his mouth, and I think he really likes it.
I bought him a dinky hand massager from the dollar store, and he waggles his lips and almost falls asleep when I use it.
I’ve been thinking of investing in a Back on Track saddle pad, just to help him be more comfortable, thoughts?

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