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I too object to these websites using this great website to promote their products or services that have nothing to do with horses, riding or anything else “horsey”. I have phoned Smart Pak 3 times now to bring this problem to their attention, and the good news is that somebody at Smart Pak does go through at least once a week and remove these posts. It would be nice if they would create a way for those of us who use, enjoy & respect the Smart Pak website to flag these posts for them so they could more quickly and efficiently remove them, but that might well involve major rewrites to the website, which Smart Pak seems unwilling to do at this point. There is a phone number on this website, and perhaps if more people contacted them by phone (not just e-mail – – there is something about a phone conversation that is more immediate and powerful than an e-mail under these circumstances) perhaps the powers that be at Smart Pak would see that I am not the only one who finds these posts offensive.

At least someone is checking about once a week and removing the inappropriate posts, so they are aware of the problem. But there needs to be more than just me expressing concern and displease at this great website being misused in this fashion. I don’t remember exactly where I saw the phone number, but it is somewhere on the opening screen, and if I am remembering correctly, somewhere on the upper left hand corner.