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Because the fraudulent posts usually stay up for the day or 2 it takes for Smart Pak to get around to checking each forum, these posters apparently figure it is worth the time to post on the Smart Pak website. There does not appear to be a full time website person whose main duty is to take care of the website, so checking for illegitimate posts is only being done about once a week or so. This is an improvement, as previously it was not checked even that often by someone who had the authority and knowledge to remove these kinds of parasitic posts. So they are trying, but if the website could add a function so that the rest of us who use the website often could “flag” these posts for removal, it would reduce the amount of time the Smart Pak employee would have to spend calling up each individual sub-category to check it for questionable posts. While this might take some reprogramming, in the long run it could be cost effective for Smart Pak as it would put move much of the responsibility for finding these posts over to us, so that the Smart Pak person only had to check one place and decide if the posts in that “folder” were indeed unacceptable and remove them. That has to be less time consuming, a better use of Smart Pak employee time, and ultimately more efficient and less expensive, therefore worth the cost of the changes to the website. If we want that to happen, we need to gently convince the powers that be at Smart Pak that we are seriously unhappy and that we are willing to help patrol the website to solve this problem.

The phone number is in the upper left hand corner of the opening page. I have not looked for a mailing address, but it is probably somewhere on the website.

This is a great website, a unique place to share info on anything horse related. We need to make sure that Smart Pak understands how grateful we are that they maintain this website for us, and how upset we are that it is being misused in this way.