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Hi – patience is key and helps tremendously to use ground poles to teach your baby to step over on command and to back over on command. Use whatever is around and handy and safe…walk baby back and forth over whatever (I’ve used the heavy duty thicker boards – have some height to them). Begin by leading over and showing your horse it is perfectly safe and fine to step over….after baby gets comfy…teach on the ground back up with soft feel and show him he can STEP over items on ground and back. You can have him stand over with two feet on each side and weave back and forth, learning where those hooves are and being aware pf placement. Also gives you excellent handle on controlling where his feet are ๐Ÿ™‚ Primarily getting control of the feet is the key and this is a safe, effective way to begin. Baby needs to gain confidence in moving over items. I personally am not a ramp fan and if one’s horse cannot step up and out of a trailer, probably one should go back to basics….ramps can be iffy if a horse steps off the wrong way….Good luck…keep it simple, calm and happy and I personally use word cues as in step up, step down, back, etc….Horses are extremely bright and with patience, you will get this issue resolved quickly ๐Ÿ˜€ HAVE fun with your baby!