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To everyone that recommended hoof pads, my horse is perfectly comfortable in just regular shoes and has only thrown a shoe twice in 9 years. As I said, his hoof walls are healthy and strong, they just grow on the slow side. I currently keep him in front shoes because his soles are soft – you can feel them give just pressing on them with your fingers. He absolutely hates hoof testers.

I’ve tried a couple other farriers, and no difference.

Riding for Christ, Cody gets 4 flakes of timothy, and a flake of alfalfa daily, as well as ~4 lbs Purina Ultium, 1 cup Envision(made by progressive nutrition I think it is), OptiZyme, SmartOmega Ultra, and a dozen different herbs for various things (half of them to prevent stomach ulcers from reoccurring). Rosehip made a difference in his horn quality, but hasn’t helped how soft his soles are. Hawthorne berry didn’t make any difference in the six months I tried it. He also gets an hour-ish of grazing time during the months there is green grass to be had. The stable I board at buys its hay from only a couple growers so the quality is very consistent.
Yes, my pony is a hard keeper. I will literally throw a party the day he actually gets fat.