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Your horse needs to be better halter broke. I had a big dutch warm blood mare who started bolting out of her stall, because she so wanted to be turned out.

I started at the stall door with a short jumping bat (not a whip). We would take 1 step and stop. If she tried to get by me; I would back her back into her stall (using the bat) and start over again. If we accomplished 1 step and stop, I then added another step forward, and stopped again. I did not restrain her with the halter, but used the bat to back to the starting point. I used this method when ever she got upset. It can be tedious while she is learning. You can teach her this method by yourself in about 10 days. This should be your job, not the barn’s staff. You may need to enlist an experienced and patient friend to help you.
I can still walk her anywhere on a loose lead, 15 years later.