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For one thing, she is likely lonely. Horses need company. As for catching her – don’t. Make her come to you. Bribery works, to start, but eventually she will see you as a good thing. Mine meet me at the gate, and “catching” has never been a thing I’ve had to do (thankfully, as I am too old and too lame for that!). Do you have a barn, run-in, stall or some other confined space for the bridling issue? I think it would be safer for both of you NOT to do that in the field. When you groom her, does she have ear issues? One of my mares was fussy about hers when I got her, but not any more. Another way to work with getting her to come to you is to take a chair and a book, and just sit in her field and read. Eventually, she will want to be a part of this new game. Also, I cannot tell from your post, but I am not in favor of riding or otherwise working any horse in its turnout place. That is where she relaxes (or not), plays, etc. Work should be done elsewhere. You really have not had her long enough to establish a solid bond, so everything will take time. Never hurry, and don’t chase after her, as she may think that is also a game; one which she will always win because she is bigger and faster than you can ever be. I doubt her breed has anything to do with it – it is more likely her past experiences. Mine, if they are not already at the gate, now come when I call them, but it did not happen overnight, or even in a month.

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