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Hey guys. Thanks for the advice. As the stars aligned the trainer I wanted her to go to had an opening so I hauled her up there. I told him about her pacing and everything. She hasn’t paced once since being up there. However she’s in a 16×24 and it has walls on 3 sides and a full shaded top cover. She can only see out of the front by her gate and feeder. No pacing, she’s doing well. I did switch her feed around a little. She gets alfalfa oat pellets 2x a day, and 2 flakes of orchard grass (am/pm) she also gets renew gold, which I think someone mentioned, and she’s getting her rocket fuel. (Nutrena pro force Fuel). I think she was doing well on the mare magic so since she’s in heat again I’ll probably keep her on that during the summer. But I doubt it effected her pacing. She is getting a consistent 4-5 days of exercise at the trainers, when I get her back in a couple of months if the pacing starts again I’ll try to mimick the conditions at the training facility stall wise and see if that helps.