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Yeah, flax has made a huge difference in my mare. She was even sore from her DSLD and I put her on the flax and she hasn’t been as stiff and sore. Flax is great! My sisters Andalusian mare has horrible allergies and the flax really helped her immunity to counter them. I’m a firm believer.

I agree. Feeds with corn and alfalfa just don’t do as good a job fattening a horse up. I’ve tried many things as I have 2 hard keepers. My 5-6yr old mustang mare plumped up on nutrena pro force fuel. And my quarter mare plumped up on honestly hay pellets. I Feel it’s all about the guaranteed analysis. I can’t guarantee nutrition on my hay. It seems of great quality but how can you truly know when hay growers won’t send it in. I have a 20+ year old mustang gelding that gets 3 lbs bermuda pellets and about 8-10lbs of orchard hay per feeding. He is a perfect weight. When I exercise him more I bump him with some nutrena boost rice bran pellets.