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So a little update. She was doing great at the trainers facility. She wasn’t pacing and was gaining good muscle. Last week they put a horse next to her stall and took the boards down so they could see each other through the stud paneling. Guess what returned? Her pacing. She’s actually pacing even worse now. I have no clue what to do. She’s losing weight, she’s not healthy, I’m dropping a lot of money. Vet suggests blood work which I’m not opposed to. But I doubt it’s systemic since she wasn’t doing it even a week ago before new horse was put next to her. I am going to have to pull her from training if she doesn’t get corrected because it’s taxing on her health. At least at my place she can be with other horses and it will limit her pacing. I’m so stressed about this. Her new feed regiment is 2 flakes (about 8-10 lbs each) of orchard Am/pm, one BIG coffee can of alfalfa oat pellets am/pm, and she’s getting new gold, as well as she gets her nutrena pro force fuel. She doesn’t look good anymore weight wise. It’s super stressful. I didn’t even take pictures because I was ashamed of how skinny she looked compared to the week prior.