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All of my horses have been barefoot for at least 9 years except my 4 year old which she has always been. But has anyone told you about a Homeopathic remedy called Calc Fluor start out with 30 C. You give the horse 6 pellets 3 times a day (they are about the size of b b’s and they taste good so they like them.) I have the greatest success with even the weakest hooves. What it does is build hoof wall. They will get so hard your farrier will ask you to stop using it for a while. They are very reasonable to feed. It will take about 3 months for you to see a BIG difference and after that it is all uphill. mainly because it works from the inside out!Let me know if you need me to send them or email me at and I can tell you where to buy them yourself. It is unbelievable more people don’t know about them but a lot of people won’t try Homeopathy for any reason. LOL