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I mentioned in an earlier post our Arabian mare having similar issues. It’s come to our attention that previously she had injuries due to her herd buddies and it created a serious stressor for her to be stalled or to be to near any other horses. Now as long as she has room to roam (pastured at this point) and has an escape route available she is so much happier. Is it feasible to give her the season off from training? Sounds like she is experiencing a great deal of stress which only adds to yours. A happy horse equates to a happy owner. :) We live in Colorado and absolutely love it so welcome!!

Thank you for the feed back. She doesn’t enjoy a big pasture any more than a 12×12 than a 24×24. I’m thinking when I moved to a bigger plot of land out in CO that I can have a parameter fence and just have them all together which seems to work okay so long as there is enough space. Like 5-10 acres. I tried on my half acre lot and she could care less and still paced. Feed may be an issue. I’ll have to see about that with my vet. Thank you!!

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