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Bill R
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We got a mare a little less than a year ago with a similar problem. We put her on Smartpak’s Ultra Hoof supplement for a couple of months, and our farrier was impressed by the turnaround in her hoof condition. We have stopped the supplements for now as the summer grass has replaced grain in her diet, but we plan to resume this maintenance once the fresh food is buried by the snow.

Nevertheless, in spite of this improvement, our first trail ride of the year left her sore for a couple of days, even refusing to walk across the gravel drive on the way to the barn. Since then, I purchased a pair of EasyCare’s Easyboot Trail for just her front feet. These seem to do the trick. She doesn’t mind wearing them, and we have gone on several trail rides since they arrived…some over very rocky terrain…and she seems no worse for wear the next day.

Hope this helps…Happy Trails!