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We have a nationally certified natural hoof practitioner who has saved horses from being put down due to serious hoof problems including at least one with a coffin bone having broken through. Our horses have great feet. Nutrition is crucial to good feet. The comments from the natural hoof practitioner are right on. We use Omega Fields Horse Shine which is a good supplement for hoof and coat. Other than that only pasture grasses, Bermuda hay, and pellets or cubes of combined Bermuda hay and alfalfa soaked in water to soften them and mix with the Horse Shine. We’ve been adding about a coffee mug’s worth of Safe Choice Original. The WonderMares, Miss Brandy and Lady Sadie are doing great. We also use front Cavallo Simple Boots. We wish you and your horse all that is good. Please, please, please give Barefoot every opportunity to help!