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I tried smart Pak’s magnesium supplement after that being recommended to me. It literally did nothing, though I honestly doubt she was deficient. I tried daily gold, didn’t see a diff after 60 days. I did consult my vet (I work for her :D) and she recommended a fecal test for ulcers. So we did a round of ranitidine on the findings. Didn’t see any behavioral difference but she did gain a little weight. I think I’ll try to replace the ply wood on the stud paneling and get her back on mare magic, or maybe do one and then the other to see which worked lol. Maybe panel first mare magic second. I was also thinking tryptophan. Or honestly last last resort a blood test. But based on the findings at the trainers stable I don’t feel it’s systemic…but I’m no DVM. Haha.

Barn Ghost/Kari – Oh awesome! I think I have been to black forest area. Is that near garden or the gods? I’d love to meet up when I cruise out that way. I’ll only know 2 people in colorado and 0 of them ride horses.