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All ottbs will like to take the left lead and will execute a flying change from rt to left, not always from left to right! If any of you paid attention this was the first question this young lady asked with the fact the horse is likely also “on the forehand” very forward and a goer. I’ve spent 43 yrs in the tack exclusively on these horses and ponies that ride this way. I didn’t get my reputation riding! You need to do a number of things. Firstly forget everything. It doesnt work on him. Secondly, I know lunging a horse like this is pointless, he’s far from old and likely was a terrific competitor and these folks on hete can’t understand this unless they’ve ridden ottbs. No bit changes that will upset him if the snaffle and flash works use that. Put a loose ring hollow on him and use a jumper rig. It’s a piece of rope going through the bit w a quick release, he was probably ridden in this before. It has 2 snaps w a leather chin strap to keep all in place ti es to ur d rings on saddle. Then ride him over lots of poles on the ground to keep him looking and listening. And you DO want him engaged, it’s how it works! He will get into a working rythm you’ll see. Do not use music or sounds or anything you don’t intend or can’t use in a competition! Not s good idea. The rig is like a flexion device w head control where he can flex side to side but not above the horizon u set. Don’t use it for long set a time limit like 30 min or 45 and reduce it. When he swaps from left to right, he may go old school and if he doesn’t have an injury preventing him physically use old cues. Put your seat bone down and drive to the right open your right leading rein slightly hold w the left to the outside use outside.left leg forcing him right (old cues) new would be inside inside rein outside leg, it doesn’t work on older models! Good luck w gymnastics study them when you get into dressage, you’ll be better off! Happy trails….and that’s okay too I wouldn’t bareback not on him!

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