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I have an OTTB gelding, hyper-sensitive, hyper aware, gets a good amount of senior feed and free choice hay but tends to snack on manure as well, mostly in late winter. I had heard that this can sometimes be due to a lack of vitamin K. Made sense to me as we tend to feed the same seasonal hay year round. Anyway,
I put him on a general vit/min albeit low protien supp and he has been *dietarily* poo-free since. I believe that his hyper system taxes what he eats and even tho he gets the recommended weight in grain, i still give him his vits. He burns it off just thinking about eating. Typically, excess vits are p’d out and don’t sit in the system for long.There are many reasons for manure eating, be sure to talk with your vet about this issue as well as vitamin supplementation in regards to your mare’s dining choices.

Good luck with this, wishing you many rides thru this summer and onward : )

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