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I don’t know of you’ve been able to find an answer to your problem or not, but I will share with you our experience. My husband has a 17 hand 1400-1500 lb Hanoverian warmblood. He could never keep shoes on. We really wanted our horses to go barefoot, but the warm blood had soles that were very thin. Our vet did not recommend that he go without shoes. We were rather insistent because we felt it would be healthier. We ride only for pleasure. While we did use front boots in the beginning to protect his hooves, the vet told us about aluminum shoes. They are temporary shoes that allow the sole to grow in thickness. We went through several rounds of those, but they are a tad expensive. However, they did the trick. The thickness of his sole doubled. Together with a terrific farrier, a hoof supplement, regular trimming (natural trim farrier and every 6-7 weeks) we have had both our horses without shoes now for @ 7 years.

Hope this helps