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“I think the supplement regime you have her on is out of control. What does your vet think of it?”

– She gets ~20lbs of orchard hay daily, 1 lb of renew gold, ~3 lbs Nutrena Fuel, mare magic. I don’t think that’s out of control personally for a horse being worked 3-5 days a week (weather depending). I believe working horses need 4%-6% of their body weight in feed. And she’s about 15h and roughly 1000lbs normally, with weight probably closer to 1100-1200lbs.

“Also, a word of advice – your trainer is way to far away. You are putting way to much trust in others to care for her.”

– I appreciate the advice. I see my horse once a week, she’s never been mishandled or abused. I trust the facility, as all the horses on premises look very healthy, happy, and trained very well. Their clients have never had anything bad to say about them. She’s getting excellent care, and great training. Each week I come the trainer shows me the new things she’s learned. Normally I’d agree, 2 hours away is a long way to send a horse for training. But they have the reputation and the proof that they’re really good. When I talked to others who board there, they’re super happy and the ones who have their horses in training have never had them there longer than about 6 months depending on what they want put on the horse. My girl is about to complete her 90 days in the beginning of Sept. She’s learning a lot and doing very well. Her dressage training will be complete by the end of 90 days or shortly after if I want to keep her an additional 30 days to really let things sink in.

I really appreciate the concern, I was very nervous about sending my girl off to a training 2 hours away, but I don’t feel I’m in a situation I have to worry about. I’m really sorry you had such a crummy experience sending your horse off to training, that’s really unsettling since horses cost a lot to have someone train them. Thank you.

Also a little update:

She’s put a lot of weight back on, gaining great muscle, and learning a lot. She’s really blossomed about a week after I posted about her pacing being back. I had a good long discussion with the trainer and his wife about her pacing and such and they took care of it. They didn’t change her corral or horses surrounding her, but whatever they did, she approves lol!

I can’t wait until the end of her training to bring her home and ride her in some local dressage shows. I really hope that she doesn’t pace when I bring her back. but if she does, I’ll have to get a trainer to come to my facility and break that habit where she’s housed.