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I make halters to fit ponies and minis. Pony heads come in a wide range of sizes as “ponies” are usually defined as being under 14 hands or 14-2 hands, depending on which set of rules is being used. That means ponies can be quite small, or Arabian sized, which means a large range of head sizes. If, using the current halter, you can measure each piece, then adjust for correct fit (assuming that the current halter does not fit correctly)& send me that info I can see if I have a used halter or a new one that approximates the size you need. Some ponies can wear the larger mini halters (I make three sizes of mini halters), and I make nylon halters in bright colors such as crushed raspberry, aqua, purple, yellow, pink & other colors.
along with the standard blue, green, black, etc. I use a lot of stainless steel hardware so the metal won’t rust, so these are not inexpensive halters, but are made to last. These are nylon halters, not polypropylene, which is less expensive, but does not hold up as well.