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Lead him around the jumps, let him touch & smell them, and give him a treat as a reward every time he will allow you to get him close enough to touch or smell the jumping equipment. Then start him over ground poles, leading him first, and only riding him through the ground poles when he is comfortable with the being lead over them. First walk him through the ground poles, and don’t move to trotting him through until he is bored with walking through. Then set up a jump with the pole on the ground and lead him through at a walk. When he is comfortable with that, ride him through at a walk. When he is comfortable with that ride him through at a trot. The put one diagonal post up (half of an X) so that it is as low as possible, & walk him over it being lead, then trot him through being led.Then get up a nice easy trot and ride him through the half-X Then put up the other half of the X, and lead him through at a walk, then at a trot. When he is comfortable doing that, you can ride him through.

This is not a one day or even a one week program. If you are not an experienced over-fences rider, you might want an experienced over fences rider to ride him through the parts where he has to jump, as an experienced rider will be able to help him by keeping his or her weight in a spot where the horse can best carry that weight over the jump.

You might also want to take some jumping lessons on a horse that is already experienced, so you can learn where and how to put your body parts where they need to be to interfere the least with the horse, but still have him under control.