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Thanks for the replies, both of you!

Team Buttercup, I’m hoping we can make it through this latest growth spurt before calling the saddle fitter, but it’s probably in our eventual plan. I keep noticing little changes week by week with this horse since the rubs became apparent so she’s growing like a bean pole – I definitely know she’s not done growing because her shoulders are still baby-horse narrow!

Thanks for your input, Elizabeth – I’m riding her in a saddle that works well for my wider backed, MW horse with a large developed shoulder as of late. The saddle definitely “wants” to sit in the right spot clear of her shoulder, but I may start shimming it in front as it’s not quite clearing the usual three fingers of space – it’s not sitting on her wither or back, but it’s not clearing it really well, either. Once her shoulder comes in I think her jumping saddle, which is a MW/W-ish tree (again fits her “Sister” really well) will have fewer problems with side-to-side slippage, because from the withers back she’s a pretty broad backed girl.

Has anyone ridden with multiple shims stacked in a thinline pad? I feel like my single shim isn’t quite enough but my lift front wither pad seems like too much.

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