Reply To: Minimizing Saddle Movement on the back?

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I have not but be careful of bridging in the middle. I used the cotton thin line at first and then I used the one with sheepskin to help lift the whole saddle until the fitter came to put more flock in my saddle. Then once I switched to the sheepskin I lifted the pad in front. It worked. Before it had compressed the flocking so much in front I was getting a bad rub, after shimming the way I did it helped. My horse has now built enough muscle behind there shoulder so I can take the shim out with one of them. The other which is a wider horse is fitted to the saddle. Remember lot’s of long and low to build muscle but also mix it up with other things. Don’t want the horse to do to much mental and emotional excerise if they are young. It helps to develop the top line and and prevent lameness. Just speaking in general. This is such an important topic. If your saddle is not balanced and comfortable for your horse it is not only effecting the horse but the rider as well. Especially when finding your balance point.