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I would definitely recommend leasing before you buy, especially if it’s only been a few months. This will give you the opportunity to see if you and a specific horse (or multiple if need be) are a good match. I’ve been riding about a year and a half, and currently lease a five year old OTTB. When I graduate next spring the plan is to buy him, but financially and time-wise, I can’t swing it right now. But leasing is an amazing option because you can have a ton of time to ride and gain experience, all while not having to worry about vet, farrier, feed, etc. bills! Example: I have a half lease on Cayman which gives me three days a week of riding and then I have my lessons on Saturdays, which means I ride four days a week! And depending on your barn owner (and your own schedule), you might be able to work off your lease (that’s what I do). Definitely recommend leasing before you buy!