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I know, I have thought about that too. They were buddies- I always called them brothers since they were both my sweethearts. Both black TWH- Rambo, with a big white star on his forehead and two white socks (who actually thought he was a quarter horse, lol!) and Trace who is 16hh and a big sleek black boy white a tiny tiny white star. They were close and Trace is sort of a loner. After Rambo died, I moved pastures and moved his stall. He’s out with two other 19 yr old geldings that are brothers and he is the odd man out. It was just him and Rambo for years and Rambo took care of Trace. It makes me sad just thinking about it 🙁 I told hubby I need a new brother for Trace!! I am actually thinking of a trotting horse this time around for something different. Anyway, I am not doing anything until I get confirmation on what is going on with Trace and get a handle on it. He’s such a dear sweet boy and deserves to be pampered right now.