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Update 10/23/16 to this post.

She is, and was turned out at all times and we got her some companions! Two Haflinger ponies (in a separate pasture) and a Lippizanner gelding. We do believe that she did, in fact, have a ulcer. She burped a lot. We gave her a break over this summer and started back recently. She is much calmer now. We switched feeds so now we are hoping for fewer fluctuations in weight due to beet pulp causing water weight. Better saddle fit, an arena for me, and a 110 gallon bucket of water.

Basically, completely different horse! The miracles of time and support of companions. She is SANE. It’s beautiful.

Thank you for all of your suggestions!!

Dressage is a dance, where horse and rider speak with silence, Where force is not necessary, and where the horse trusts his rider completely, even in the middle of the battlefield.
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